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Social Media Advertising Solutions

If your business isn’t advertising on the top social media networks out there, how can your customers know and discuss you, online? Short answer: they can’t.


With integrated social media marketing ads from our publications, on social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube, you can expand your reach to more new and existing customers, and see a huge boost in your customer response rates.


In order to tap into the revenue generated by those social media ads, you need to know who to turn to. You need top professionals in your corner who know what to post when to post it, and how to proactively manage your social media campaigns to best effect and monetization.

Turn to the social media experts at the SCMG!

With SCMG guiding your social media efforts, you can drive the right customers to your business and help prompt them to take action that leads to improved sales. We provide you with the right social media products and the right guidance so you get the positive responses and dialog you want for your business, and you know how to respond in any situation.


With Social Management, building better relationships with customers is easy than ever before. As social media is the modern word-of-mouth for a new generation of users, businesses who take advantage of social media tools will see elevated success over those that don’t. Social Management allows you to update your loyal followers, spread your message to new ones, and leverage the power of better engagement.


Social Media Advertising is targeted to the “Big 3” in the world of commercial social media: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Our targeted ads can help you increase website traffic, likes, and engagement, increase your organic reach, connect with your desired audience, and gain a competitive edge – being everywhere on social media, all at once.

For more information concerning our print media solutions, or to schedule your own demonstration and marketing evaluation, contact us online or call SCMG at 906-632-2235 or 231-627-7144.


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