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A Better Way to Engage Your Audience

Your online presence can be many things: informative, entertaining, helpful, or sales-oriented. One thing many companies often overlook, however, can be the most important element of any successful online marketing campaign: interactive.


Customers want to know that they matter and that you’re focusing your digital efforts to suit them and make them feel delighted. Your site shouldn’t just be about transactions or exchange of ideas. It should give your customers something more engaging, personalized, and fun – something that they will enjoy and remember.

With SCMG, they can get it!

Our company offers an exciting engagement platform with our sister company, SecondStreet, used by media companies and marketers from across the globe, which creates powerful engagement campaigns that truly work. Contests, personality quizzes, sweepstakes, photo contests – all of the interactive content we help customers produce is proven to enhance revenue generation, database growth, customer engagement, and so much more.


In order to create the type of engagement and results you want, SCMG incorporates some of the industry’s top tools, marketing tactics, and data platforms available today:


The heart of any interactive content campaign, contests can excite your audience and build your lead-generating email database, simultaneously. Photo and video contests, sweepstakes, online sports picks – when you blend these types of content with your social media, you can reach a larger audience and obtain new users for future campaigns.


When you leverage interactive content and creating a unique experience they will love, you’re giving your users the chance to find out more about their own personalities and talents, while at the same time learning about their interests, buying habits, and behaviors to improve your business! Interactive content can include: trivia, personality quizzes, ballots, polls, photo galleries, and more.


Putting an email directly into someone’s inbox is like saying “Hello!” to a friend. By adding news, special perks and promotions, and other specialized information to that email message, you can better interact with your customers, easily manage your communications, and gain advantageous insights and reporting to deliver what they want!


There will be times when you can launch an interactive campaign en-masse, for your users. You can customize them to fit across all of your brands and reap aggregated analytics to improve your reporting and future actions.


Another part of interactive content is how you use it. Having the vision to better engage with your customers only benefits you if you use that information to improve. SCMG can help you do just that with advanced analytics and reporting tools that give you the insights and guidance you need:


All of your audience data is gathered into one simple dashboard location for you to access whenever you want. Easy-to-decipher and necessary for future campaigns, this data makes you an audience expert. By using tools like tagging, segmentation, and advanced reporting, you can better target the right people and make your campaigns more effective.


Audience Analytics go deeper than Insights. It uses advanced reporting tools to track specific interests, demographics, and behaviors to give you a more vibrant picture of your unique audience.


No reporting system is complete without a central database. This collection of data points and information helps you to create a more seamless digital experience.


SCMG also has a dedicated staff that can help you along every step of the way in your marketing efforts. From planning and strategy to technical support, we can maximize your marketing output and earning potential using tools such as customized templates, a library of 400+ ready-to-run campaigns, focused metrics, and so much more!

For more information concerning our engagement solutions, or to schedule your own FREE consultation with us, please contact us online or call SCMG at 906-632-2235.


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